Native Foreigners

Written by Naylene Rondon
April 2015

Native Foreigners

‘If Earth didn’t want you, why would Cynthia?’

Jane would do anything to find a cure for Dill. She goes on a journey with the help of the taxi driver named Zeb. After the long travel, she realizes things are much more complicated. Even planet Cynthia has its secrets.

Jane will have to fight for the future while Zeb has to fight back the past.

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Claude’s Hotel

Cover1Not long ago, a new species of humans with a unqiue set of cells called variants were born into this world. Now, they suffer many challenges such as fitting into society and obtaining work.
Meg and Jamie are variants and after recieving a job at an abnormal hotel with a recently deceased manager, their lives get even more difficult. The supervisor is unlike any variant they’ve ever met. Secrets are being kept from them, while criminals are being drawn to them.
Nothing makes sense to them as they are currently trapped within the confines of                                                                                     Claude’s Hotel.




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