Cynthia – A Breakdown



What is Cynthia?

In my book, Native Foreigners, Cynthia is the new home planet for humans.

Humans were thrown out of their home planet, Earth, over a hundred years ago. Due to humans cruelty to the earth, Earth’s condition became violent. Through extreme weather and dangerous natural occurrences, Earth was attempting to kill off the human population.

After futile attempts to survive in the apocalyptic environment, Humans decided to find a new planet to live on. After many years, they discovered the planet Cynthia. It wasn’t the best environment, but it was livable.

Cynthia Breakdown

Planet Facts:

  • Cynthia is tidally-locked. Half of the planet is in constant daylight, while the other is in constant darkness.
  • There’s only a single landmass on Cynthia. There is simply one large chunk of land that stretches around 75% of the planet. The rest is a violent and salty ocean.
  • There’s very little waterways. Most of the planets freshwater rivers are deep underground. There’s also no lakes or ponds that naturally occur.
  • The sun is a red dwarf and isn’t strong enough for sufficient amounts of vitamin D. Anyone without pale skin needs UV-B lightbulbs in their home.
  • The planet is like a giant desert. Only in certain cities this isn’t true.
  • It has it’s own unique set of wildlife.

Government Facts:

  • Cynthia only a single government for the light-side of the planet. The government went through many phases and is currently a democracy.
  • The dark side of the planet has no government, those who reside there lives in anarchy. The majority of criminals lives there.
  • The SDA means Security and Defense Agency. They are a planet-wide defense that even interfere with the dark side of the planet when necessary. While police are city bound.
  • Cities have a similar governmental power that the states have in the USA.
  • Native Foreigners only focuses on the cities that have English as a primary language, however Cynthia has over fifty languages. Which is a dramatic reduction to our current 6,703 languages. 
    • The ten primary languages are English, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, German, French, and Polish. (Not exactly in that order.)


Fun Facts on Ethnics:

  • Cade’s ethnic origin is Italian and Indian.
  • Maia’s and Nina ethnic origin is Cherokee. (Hence Nina calling Maia, E-li-si )
  • I always thought of Jane having an English or Greek ethnic origin.

I didn’t think about the ethnic origins for any other characters.



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