Character Interview

Meet the Characters


A blue-haired taxi driver.


A worried Journalist.


The guy who still doesn’t know why he’s here.


Question #1

What do you think of Zeb?

Jane – Zeb is nice. He’s a bit of a goofball, but he has helped us out of some bad situations. Sometimes I wish he wasn’t so trusting and caring, but then again if he wasn’t he wouldn’t have helped me and Dill.

Cade – He’s an idiot. He’s not half as bad as Jane, and the guy can shoot. Despite that, I wouldn’t mind shooting him.

Question #2

What do you think of Jane?

Zeb – I think Jane is a really loving and caring person. She just shows it more with Dill than anybody else. Yeah, she could get a bit cranky, but she’s under a bunch of stress.

Cade – Did Zeb try sugarcoating it? No, Jane is awful. She’s loud, cranky, and controlling. Kind of like one of those witches from those kid’s tales.

Question #3

What do you think of Cade?

Zeb – Cade’s not as bad as Jane says he is. Sure he tried to kill us, but it was a misunderstanding. He did decide to help us and he’s nice to Dill.

Jane – I hate him. I want to shove him out of a moving car while he’s sleeping.

Question #4

What do you think of Dill?

Zeb – Dill is a happy and lovable little girl. I feel so bad that she has to go through all this.

Jane – Dill is like a daughter to me. I would give anything for her.

Cade – She’s a cute kid. Probably the only reason I hadn’t killed Jane.

Question #5

Where do you think everything went wrong?

Zeb – When we got to the doctor’s office.

Jane – The moment we left Nordaway.

Cade – The moment their bounty came on the radio.


Want to know more about Jane, Zeb, Cade, and Dill?

Read Native Foreigners

Native Foreigners

Written by Naylene Rondon



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