Evolution of Claude

Claude is a character in my upcoming novel, Claude’s Hotel. Despite the title, he is not the protagonist. Though, he is an important character and had the most thought development than any other characters the story.

In fact, if you’ve read the fun facts, his character was meant for another story.


Storyline 1

alex-pettyfer-i-am-number-four-image-2Claude was originally for a love story I was working on. He was an avian/human creature, who was expelled from his home and landed in some girl’s backyard. He was suppose to be a modest blonde guy, who had a heart of gold, but was brought up in bad circumstances.

I imagined him as Alex Pettyfer.


Storyline 2

5fd5f17519519c0c85177a0a32ead970Personally, I’m not a big fan of love stories. So, the above story got boring to write quit. I felt it needed more conflict. So, I made Claude an outcast. This was when I officially named him Claude, because it meant lame. The reason for this was because his character was supposed to be poor an valueless among his kind. There was supposed to be a scene where his wings were cut off with an axe.

Storyline 3

The above story had a good ending, but something wasn’t right. It annoyed me and I realized it was Claude’s character. He was boring. His personality had nothing to offer. In turn, I attempted t make him tougher. I wanted him to do a hostage situation and be mean and threatening. However, I couldn’t pull it off.

Storyline 4

Now we’re getting closer to the current Claude. I had this twisted dream, where I was in a hotel and the manager, Claude was trying to scare the guests. This made me scrap the old Claude. I decided I wanted him cold, emotionless, and dangerous. I thought about renaming his character, but the name Claude felt natural to me. (I name my characters based off my gut feeling.) This Claude was more talkative than my current and more sadistic. Also, this is the first version that doesn’t look like Alex Pettyfer.

This version is taller and has an odd appearance, that can send chills down your spine, yet still handsome.

ClaudesHotelCoverStoryline 5

This is the current Claude. I developed a backstory for him and edited his character to fit. He is still cold and selfish. He isn’t sadistic, however isn’t loving either. He is more calm than the previous one and only speaks when necessary. This one had more manners, despite being more of a habit than courtesy. Also, I added restrictions to his variance to be more realistic and fitting to his character.

The appearance remained the same.



So, there you have it. Claude’s Evolution.

Wait out until this fall for Claude’s Hotel to learn more about Claude.

P.S. Next month we’ll meet the protagonists.




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