Five Minute Drafts

I having been posting as much as I would like, so I decided every Friday I’ll do a five minute draft. Using the first line generator I’ll just write something at random for five minutes and post it.

This week’s first line: Spare some change please?

Here I go:

“Spare some change please?” she begged from the corner. The man turned his head and pretended he didn’t hear her. She slumped into the corner of the sidewalk and pulled her jacket closer to her chest.

All she wanted was a quarter, just enough to get a bag of pretzels. Her stomach growled as she pulled her knees closer to her chest. It’s been two weeks since he left. He promised to come back, to protect her, but he hasn’t.

The first thing she thought was that something happened. Maybe the faculty caught him or worse. Her hand drifted towards the small pill in her pocket. It was only for emergencies to guarantee the faculty will never get them again.

She shook the idea from her head. No, she’ll keep waiting. He’ll come back.

Hope you guys like it. Keep tune every Friday for more. If you want, try the exercise yourself. If you do, post it in the comments.


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