Claude’s Hotel Fun Facts

Cover1On my Twitter, I have been sharing Claude’s Hotel fun facts!

I decided to share them here as well.

Fun Facts

  1. Variants are still a type of human.
  2. Claude is not what he seems.
  3. Meg is stronger than she lets on.
  4. The hotel is just a building.
  5. Claude was supposed to be an avian class.
  6. Variant Miltias exist.
  7. Claude was created in previous unpublished story.
  8. I scrapped Claude’s old personality and kept only his appearance.
  9. Claude’s Hotel was based off an odd dream.
  10. Meg’s name was Medusa, but was changed when I introduced it as a class.
  11. Jamie’s character was created because of Claude’s distinct character change.
  12. Derek went through five name changes including Roger, David, Robert, Daniel, and Mike.
  13. It was originally going to be a romance written in Meg’s pov.
  14. Early drafts included guests competing on staying inside the hotel.
  15. Originally, the hotel held its guests hostage until they begged to leave.
  16. However, that required focus on the guests. So, the idea was scrapped.

Bonus: Claude is my favorite character.

What is Claude’s Hotel?
Claude’s Hotel is a novel currently in the works.It’s predicted to be released in September. It focuses on the not-to-distant future, where a new species of human exists. Of course, they are feared by regular humans and struggle to fit in society. The story focuses on two variants Meg and Jamie as they struggle to adapt to their new job.

If you’re a fan of science fiction, suspense, and a bit of mystery. Then, mark your calendars.

Synopsis: Not long ago, a new species of humans with a unqiue set of cells called variants were born into this world. Now, they suffer many challenges such as fitting into society and obtaining work.

Meg and Jamie are variants and after recieving a job at an abnormal hotel with a recently deceased manager, their lives get even more difficult. The supervisor is unlike any variant they’ve ever met. Secrets are being kept from them, while criminals are being drawn to them.

Nothing makes sense to them as they are currently trapped within the confines of Claude’s Hotel.


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