Methods used so far…

I told you about my 2016 challenge. I am going to test methods of promotion and see where they lead me. The best way to start is list what I’ve already done.

Step 1: Have a blog

Step 2: Join Goodreads Clubs

Step 3: Begin my own goodreads club(Click to Join)

Step 4: Twitter!

Step 5: Facebook!

Step 6: Newsletter

Now what have I done new this year so far?

  • Joined Online Book Club for free reviews
  • Join a local author group(Work in process)
  • Click to Tweets

Wanna Tweet these messages, just click on them:

Humans now live on the distant planet called Cynthia. However was someone there first? #action #scifi #adventure

Looking for Author Interviews:


Keep tune to my challange for updates on what works and what doesn’t. I let you know if there’s any shift in sales. I will even look into paid promotional help. Also, how much of a difference of the techniques I use with Claude’s Hotel when it comes out during the fall.

Also, don’t forget to subscribe!


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