How to Entice Readers?

You have shed blood and tears for this moment. You have finished your story. You have written a book. It is published and now the waiting game begins.

Soon, you realized something is wrong.At first, friends and family were willing to buy a copy, but once they did, there is nothing. No sales.

This is a reality for many new authors. After the first few weeks many authors throw in the towel. They dedicated so much work and in the end it was for nothing.

Or was it?

The hardest reality about being an author is that you also have to be the greatest marketing agent in the world in the most difficult market.

Finding Readers in everybody?

This is the era of TV, Computers, and Music. The last book most read was the instruction manual for your new PS4 or Xbox one.

The Atlantic says that 25% of Americans haven’t read a book in the last year. That’s almost 104 million Americans probably won’t read your book.

favorite-book_pull-quoteHowever, don’t get discourage. There are still 313 million people that still read. Also, just because 104 million haven’t read recently, doesn’t mean your book won’t be the thing to start reading.


However, what is an effective method to find readers?

This is going to be my 2016 challenge. I have promoted my book through social media, however I noticed most of audience I’m promoting to is other authors. Let’s be realistic, though authors are the best readers, they are only there to share their books as well.

Starting 2016, I’m getting out of my comfort zone. I’m going to try methods I haven’t tried before and log my results here on the blog. This way I can see the most effective methods on finding readers.


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