Sorry for the Blank Week

As the title says, I am sorry for the blank week. Normally, there would be an author interview, some kind of writing tip, or even some random book news.

Instead, I have been so booked with school, nanowrimo, and Claude’s Hotel. November is going to be a more sporadic month. Instead of usual posts, I’ll update you on my progress with NanoWrimo and my goal of 35,000 words.

Why 35,000?  We’ll that’s usually the length of my first or second draft. As mentioned before, I’m a skeleton writer. I write just bare bones before adding any meat. So a 35,000 word draft can become a 45,000 to 50,000 word manuscript, which is the average length of my novels so far.

So to keep myself motivated I might give snippets of my writing.

Also, I’m going to start working on a draft book covers for Claude’s Hotel. November would be the best time to start working on that since that’s going to be my break from Claude’s Hotel. Once December hits, revisions, revisions, and revisions.

I’ll share all my draft covers as I make them. Well, that’s all I have to share for now. Keep an eye out and don’t forget to Subscribe!


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