A Dip into Short Stories

I love short stories. They are the perfect reads for when your not ready to commit to a novel. You can read them in a less than an hour. Sometimes less than ten minutes.

Recently, I work my own three-part short horror story call Eric. It’s available for Free on Wattpad and Smashwords. It was inspired by a week of reading creepypastas and decided, why not write my own?

Also, last year I was in a short story workshop. I wrote Deadly Existence. So, I decided to share what I discovered when writing short stories.

You know when your writing all these story arcs in your novel. It just like you decided to use only one and write about it. They usually have one to two conflicts. With a limited word count, rather than revolving it around action, pick something to wrap the story around.

With Eric, I focused on Eric. His past, his distorted judgement, and his insanity. With Edgar’s The Masque of the Red Death, he focused on the last room with the chiming clock and the cloaked figure. So, pick something, whether it is a character, emotion, or object. You just need something to develop.

Another thing I learned is don’t be so nitpicky with details. We don’t need to know everything that happened. Go ahead and start the story halfway through and just show the resolution. Or give a backstory, but leave it vague. Or course, everyone has their own way, but this isn’t a novel. You don’t have the word count to give everything, so give hints and clues. Make suggestions and insinuations.

Well, that’s just a few paragraphs on some stuff I learned. Thanks for reading.

Also, check out Eric at smashwords and wattpad, you can read all three parts in about half an hour.

P.S. the wattpad one hasn’t be updated. So, I apologize for errors that can disturb your reading.


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