Author Interview – Pamela

Author Interview with Pamela Daniell.pamwings

Pamela Daniell was born and raised in Little Falls, New York. After graduation she moved to Long Island with her high school sweetheart and they were married shortly after. They soon added three biological children and adopted two through the foster care system to complete their family.

As a child Pamela loved books, and with the urging of her grade school teacher to ‘Keep on writing’ has been writing ever since. Even with her crazy work and family schedule she finds the time to bring her stories to life so others can enjoy them. She is also the author of Revelations.

Question Time!
  1. What are your favorite authors?
    My favorite authors are JK Rowling and an indie one I just found Angela Stevens.
  2. What are your favorite genres to write?
    I prefer to write all types of fiction.
  3. What are your favorite aspects of writing?
    I like to create the character and she where they take me. I say see where they take me because after I create the character they develop and life of their own and tell me where they want to go and what they want to do.
  4. What time do you do most of your writing?
    I seem to write better at night.
  5. Do  you have any writing habits?
    I always print each chapter. It helps me be able to edit it better when the time comes.
  6. Do you usually type or write your first draft?
    I type it.
  7. How long does it take to write your first draft?
    As a mother of 5, the time differs with each project I start. Sometimes real life gets in the way and I don’t get as much time in each day as I would like.
  8. Are you a self-publisher?
    I have been published via a traditional publisher and also self-published. I like the freedom that self-publishing  gives me. I can promote how I see fit and all aspects of my story remain how I write it.
  9. What’s your most recent book?
  10. On your recent book, what inspired you to write it?
    I am a huge fan of the show Supernatural and I wrote a fan fic based on that show involving a Nephilim. I then decided to write about a girl who discovers she is a Nephilim and how she navigates life with angels and demons hunting her.  That’s how Revelations was born.

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