Skeleton Writers

I will admit it. I’m a skeleton writer.

Now, what is a skeleton writer?
That is someone who write too little details and spends each draft having to write more. I don’t spend my story cutting out details, but adding them.

Here’s how I draft as a skeleton writer.

First the bones. My first draft of a novel is more like a couple of notes in a notebook with basic characters and general plot

Second are the organs. The organs are the essentials to the story. My second draft of a novel has about five thousand words. It is the basic plot, characters, and conflict.

Third are the flesh and muscles. This is extra details like settings, character descriptions, and properly arranged conflict.

Fourth are the arteries and veins. This is to double check consistencies add more details. Why do I lack so much details? Finally, more natural speech. No more three pages of dialogue.

Fifth is the skin. This is the final draft before editing. This is where I start cutting. I look for moles or unnecessary information to remove. Also, I add more details on where it feels flat.

The last stage is editing which is grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

So this is the path of the skeleton writer. What kind of writer are you?

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