Poetry – Variants

Cool Feathers How is this relevant? You will never know… until 2016.

I think I’ve told you about my work in progress about variants. If you’re on my twitter you’ve probably have seen #claudeshotel,  #variants, and #2016book.  We’ll I’m halfway done with draft two and out of a sprint of inspiration, I have written a poem about the story.

It was originally going to be a balled, but it turned into some distorted song. I don’t know anymore.  Who knows I’ll probably edit it and add it as a bonus in the story.

Welp, here it is Variants (Poem Edition)

Born to live in exile
Wrapped up behind these bars
Forcing the world to avoid us
Because we’re living projectiles.

Tossed away
Where the shadows play
Forced into a corner

Broken down
Til our face hits the ground
Do you think we can take this torture?

People refuse to look our way
In there eyes there’s fear
As if we’re monsters
Why does everyone look away?

Tossed away
Where the shadows play
We must push ourselves forward

Broken down
Til our face hits the ground
I’ll do what it takes to get stronger

Don’t you dare
And try to tell me this is fair
I see you live
Our lives cannot compare

We’re tossed away
To where the shadows play
We’re broken down
Until our face hits the ground

All we want is to be the same
So why do you treat us this way
We are not so different from you
So stop treating us like we’re lame

Running away
From the shadows’ games

Standing up
We won’t be tamed

Hold our heads up with pride
There is no escaping
There is no denying.
We must close the divide

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