Character Sheet

For my fellow writers out there, I have came up with the 20 most important questions when writing your characters. These are the questions I always ask myself to ensure I have well rounded characters.

Many characters sheets are like this. Though it isn’t a bad sheet. Actually a lot of these questions are good add-on questions, depending on your genre. However for a basis of your character it is too much. A lot of these questions won’t have an answer until your first draft is complete.

For example in my novel Native Foreigners, here’s all the questions that was on that guide that was never brought up in the story.

  • Offical Birthdates
  • Religion
  • Daily routines
  • Exact income
  • Education level
  • Previous romantic partners
  • Parents names and occupation
  • Favorite books, songs, film, sport, ect…

As I said though it all depends on your story and its genre. The epiguide chart is better saved for after your first draft.

However, before your first draft, you should know who you are writing and how far they are willing to go. So for that first time creating a character, these are the most important questions to ask.



Basic Physical Description:

What is their general personality:

Do they have any habits:

Are they Selfish or Selfless:

What do they fear:

What are they willing to sacrifice:

Who will they give everything for:

Do they believe in redemption:

Are they forgiving:

What is unforgivable:

How was their childhood:

Do they let their past hold them back:

If the love of their life and a dozen lives of innocent people were in danger,

Who would they choose(only one):

Do they have a secret:

How far would they go to keep it:

What are their priorities:

What are their beliefs(Are they right?):

You can download a printable version of the questions below:
The Character Sheet


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