Does Physical Description Matter?

That was probably a bad way to put it. Does physical description matter to like a character? Then no. Would your readers like a physical description? Yes.

When creating a character, the physical desciption should be the last thing on your mind. If there was no description, the readers should still be able to love (or hate) your character. Okay. Your readers shouldn’t love your male protogonist just because he has abs or your female hero because she had large breasts. Those things do not matter.

The many faces of Cecil Palmer

Shoutout to Trisidael on DeviantArt.

If you don’t believe me, check out the night vale fandom. We have no idea what cecil looks like, yet we love him anyways.

We’re fine with almost any possible description. Some people even draw him as an animal.

As mentioned, readers would like a physical description. (Night Vale fandom gets excited over the fact Cecil wears sponge clogs.)

Though our minds can easily come up with its own physical description, readers like an idea on what to imagine. That’s why I like to come up with descriptions that match my characters personality or gives off hints of future events.

To get more on descriptions check back next week, where I’ll give guide to physical descriptions.

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