Starting a newsletter

Do you love this blog? Probably not.

Do you like this blog? If your reading this, you probably do.

It must get tiresome having to come back each day to see if there is anything new. It would be much better if you just got a bit of everything once a month right in your email. That does sound better.

So, I have begun a newsletter. I’ll send it out the first week of every month just to let you know what you miss. I promise, I won’t spam you. It’s just an easy way to learn about new authors and their books, my upcoming work, and of course whatever I ended up blogging about during the month.

JUST CLICK HERE to subscribe. I’ll add a subscription link at the end of all my posts for now on.

ARe you an author?

Well, you will love this. If your trying to promote a book, let me know. You can find my contact in the author interview tab above. If there’s space, I’ll add your book in so everyone can see.


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