Quick Post

Sorry for the unproductivity. I’m currently working on the first draft of a new story and every spare second I get, I dedicate it to writing. However, I will be posting another Author Interview on Monday with Maria and her first novel 2039. Also, I’m hoping by the end of August, I’ll have a book trailer up for my debut novel, Native Foreigners.

To make up for my lack of productivity, I’ve give you an edited version of this mini story that I’ve posted on my twitter.

— — —

“I’m afraid you have to leave now,” he said. The candles blew out, the window shattered. Someone grabbed my leg and flew me out the window. All I saw was the night sky, blurred grass, and a harrowing darkness.

— — —

Well, I hoped you liked it. Like I said, look out for that author interview on Monday and more info about Maria’s book 2039.


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