John Starley Allen’s A Splash of Kindness Blog Tour Plus Bonus Author Interview

A Splash of Kindness is the perfect feel good book. Just as its blurb says This book celebrates the positive results of acts of kindness. A Splash of Kindness is a book for anyone who is looking for inspirational stories.

It was written by John Starley Allen who is also the author of the holiday classic Christmas Gifts, Christmas Voices. Just to top it off he is also a gold record award–winning songwriter. He has performed his music at Nashville’s iconic Bluebird Café and the Country Music Hall of Fame. You can actually listen to one of his songs here.

Click on the image of his book to get direct access to its Amazon page or just use this link.

Now, I said a bonus Author Interview, didn’t I? Well, here it is.


1. What are your favorite authors?

F. Scott Fitzgerald is my favorite “overall” writer. For mystery/adventure: Leslie Charteris. For humor: P.G. Wodehouse. Inspirational: A tossup between C.S Lewis and Lloyd C. Douglas

2. What are your favorite genres to write?

Currently I am interested in writing inspirational stories—not necessarily religious stories, but stories designed to uplift and motivate. More than ever before, I think the world is in need of uplifting literature—stories that will encourage readers to be better, try harder, and look for ways to be of service. And while I want to inspire, I also endeavor to entertain.

3. What are your favorite aspects of writing? (plot, characters, dialogue, setting, etc.)

I enjoy creating a rhythm and flow to my writing. And I like the challenge of finding that elusive “right” word.”

In fiction, I really enjoy getting to “know” my characters, and sometimes even letting them “dictate” and even alter the direction of a story. In my current fiction project, one character is evolving unexpectedly and in turn taking the story in a different direction than I had originally planned.

When it comes to non-fiction I enjoy the challenge of getting the story “right,” making sure it is accurate, but also keeping it readable and entertaining.

4. What time do you usually do most of your writing?

I would like to say that I am very organized and have a “set” time for writing. But the truth is I write whenever I can–which means late at night, early morning, and when possible maybe a few hours in the middle of the day.

5. Do you have any writing habits? If so, what are they?

One habit of mine is to relentlessly re-write. I have respect for the readers, and therefore do not want to present anything to them that is not as polished as I can get it.

6. Do you usually type or write your first draft?

I scribble down notes to myself–sometimes on scraps of paper, envelopes, whatever is available. But I type my first draft.

7. How long does it take you to write a first draft?

It really depends. Sometimes a few months…but sometimes it can take years.

8. Are you a self-publisher? If yes, what made you decide to self-publish? If no, how was the process of finding a publisher?

I self published my first book, Christmas Gifts, Christmas Voices. It was later picked up by HCI Books, the publisher of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. My current book is published by Plain Sight/Cedar Fort Publishing.

I find my publishers the old fashioned way: sending out numerous queries.

9. What’s your most recent book?

A Splash of Kindness: The Ripple Effect of Compassion, Courage & Character.

In my book I detail the remarkable nature of the ripple effect. “A wonderful set of stories that will cause you to examine the ripples you have caused.” —Richard M. Siddoway, New York Times bestselling author of The Christmas Wish and The Cottage Park Puzzle

“It’s reassuring to be reminded of how simple expressions of character can influence lives for generations.” —Caralyn and Mark Buehner, New York Times bestselling creators of Fanny’s Dream and the Snowmen series

This book is designed to empower readers with the knowledge that they CAN make a positive difference. I’ve included some incredible, true stories about Philo Farnsworth, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jesse Owens, and more I talk about a remarkable woman who watched a news story about Romanian orphans and then and there committed to go there on a mission or mercy. She had no prior experience doing anything like this. But she forged ahead. She ran into bureaucratic red tape, but that didn’t stop her. I was very inspired by her story, and hope that readers will be, too.

10. On your recent book, what inspired you to write it?

My first book, Christmas Gifts, Christmas Voices, dealt with the ripple effect. While it was fiction, a lot of it was based on real events. Ever since it was first written, I’ve churned over the idea of writing a collection of non-fiction stories concerning the ripple effect. A Splash of Kindness consists of personal stories, historical stories, and contemporary stories.

So much hinges on a few words of encouragement, saying and/or doing the right thing at the right time, or simply acting on an impression. For example, in one of my stories, a woman’s decision to move her family from a sharecropping cotton farm in Alabama to Cleveland, Ohio, had worldwide ramifications that she could have never foreseen. In another story, a young father mourns the loss of his infant son; but the tragic loss motivates him to pursue a course that ultimately results in him being saving many lives.

My hope is that everyone who reads the book will have an increased desire to make a positive change.

If your interested in learning more on John Starley Allen or his book A Splash of Kindness, go to his website: There you can see his other works as well.


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