Author Interview – S. Marie

Here’s another Monday Author Interview. Today’s interview is with S. Marie Carlson.

S. Marie Carlson has always found herself lost in a vast fantasy land. S. Marie has been creating characters and worlds ever since she was a little girl. She also spent much time becoming spellbound by the books she read like Wind in the Willows, and Harry Potter, and Twilight, as well as the movies and TV shows she watched. Big Wolf on Campus, Xena: the Warrior Princess, Buffy, and Charmed; The Never Ending Story, Willow, Labyrinth, and The Dark Crystal were favorites. (She’s a sucker for the 80s.) These fueled many of her earlier works of art. Besides the artwork in her own books she has also illustrated children’s books as well as many graphic design projects for small businesses.

Armistice: Book One in the Sovereign Spell Chronicles releases Oct. 28, 2015 and will be available on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, as well as my website where you can get a signed copy.

Now, here’s the questions.

1. Who are your favorite authors?
I am in love with J. K Rowling ( Harry Potter), Stephenie Meyer ( The Twilight Saga), Sara J. Maas ( Throne of Glass), and Marissa Meyer ( The Lunar Chronicles). But I also am finding my self obsessed with a few indie authors such as Kim Richardson ( The Soul Guardians Series), Amanda Hocking ( The Kanin Chronicles), Ashley R. Carlson ( The Charismatics), and Morgan Rice ( The Vampire Journals).
2. What are your favorite genres to write?
YA Fantasy, Middlegrade Fantasy, pretty much anything fantasy.
3. What time do you usually do most of your writing?
Some how I manage to find time… I have no idea how but it just happens, unfortunately it means time away from my family, friends and most of a social life. Luckily, I get whisked away in order to center my self, keep up relationships, and build my testimony of Jesus Christ.
4. Do you have any writing habits? If so, what are they?
Yes, actually I do. I have a tendency to listen to music during the writing of the first draft, but it has to be music without words or I will end up typing whatever the lyrics are.
5. Do you usually type or write your first draft?
I type. I can type much faster than I can write.
6. How long does it take you to write a first draft?
It depends on the story. I guess I have never timed it. My first draft of Armistice took four years to complete. However, three of those years were spent on hold. I wasn’t really serious about writing at the time. Once I was able to really focus it took me about 6 months to pick up where I left off and finish draft one.
7. Are you a self-publisher? If yes, what made you decide to self-publish? If no, how was the process of finding a publisher?
Technically yes, I own a publishing company, Indigo Moon Press, and that is what my books are published through. Indigo Moon Press is also open to publishing other books, if they fit the genre.
8. What’s your most recent book?
My most recent book is Armistice, it is the first book in a YA fantasy series.
9. On your recent book, what inspired you to write it?
Its kind of funny actually. I have been making miniatures for many years now, and I actually wanted to create this doll house that each room was the room of a different witch or magical creature. I read the first few chapters to my husband and his excitement plus encouragement from others helped to keep me motivated and the story finally unfolded into what is now Armistice.


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