Looking at my old stuff

This next week, I might be just posting some old stuff that I’m finding in my files. Found a portfolio I made about 3 years ago. It’s so weird because it feels almost like ages since I wrote it. Here are the three poems I had inside.

Food is the Miracle

Sitting in the pouring rain

Their stomach crying,

Begging for a meal

Every moment waiting

Never really knowing

How long they’ll see sunlight

Trying to keep the young alive

Fighting everyday for life

Food is all they’re asking for

Food is the miracle they’re looking for

I didn’t break it

Maybe our cat

or maybe our dog

Maybe it was brother

Or a little frog

All I know

I didn’t break it

So don’t put the blame on me

I know I’m the only one who was home

But, listen, I’m innocent

I really didn’t break it


The bird with the blazing wings

That flies high above the city

The bird who yells so loud

You can hear it a thousand miles away

It torches all the trees it touches

It’s fire writes in the sky

The phoenix is calling me

It wants me to join it above


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