Busy Week & News

Sorry for the lack of an update. Last week and this week have been hectic and is presumed to remain that way for several more weeks. Vacations, planning a party, school, testing, and certification. I can’t keep up anymore.

Also, (here’s the big news) I’m working on three more stories.

The first one is called Against the Changing. It’s actually a two-part series about aliens. Another book for sci-fi lovers. I’ll unveil more when the first part is closer to completion.

The third story is a project I’m currently working on. It’s going to be different compared to my other stories. Again, more information as it comes along.

Again, my book Native Foreigners is out.

Not sure about my writing, preview some poetry and short stories here on my blog.

You can read my earlier writing for free at Booksie and Wattpad.

Anyways, like I said, the whole month of June is going to be a crazy ride for me. So posts will be less frequent. However, in July I’m going to be posting almost every other day. Watch out for that.


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