Eaten Alive

A/N: A poem about literally being eaten alive. Inspired by Attack On Titan or Shingeki No Kyojin.

Eaten Alive

At first, there is darkness
A deep fear burning your body
A heat seizing your skin
A stickiness of filth and uncertainty

Everything you touch is wet
The walls around you move
There’s a soft rumble deeper down
Soon things begin to tilt

Under you a large muscle moves
You lose your balance and stability
Gravity is your enemy here
You then fall into a larger darkness

You plummet in a warm liquid
It’s thin, but not like water
It smells like vomit and splashes against you
It’s too warm as you feel it burn your skin

It’s eating you
The liquid is eating you
You’re not sure what to do anymore
You try to get out of it, but it is everywhere

The liquid rises and sloshes
Soon, you can’t hold your head above anymore
You can’t feel anything as you go under
Soon, you can’t think

It burned everything away
Your body is crushed, twisted, and broken
There is no saving you
You have been eaten


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