Author Interviews – Shaloa

Hey guys, I did an interview with Shaloa Robinson. She’s a new YA author out with a new book called ‘Perfect Harmony.’ It’s currently free on Smashwords. I asked her if she was willing to do an interview and she said yes. Here it is:

1. What are your favorite authors?
Sistah Souljah (The Coldest Winter Ever) Walter Mosley (Devil In A Blue Dress) Tahereh Mafi (Ignite Me) Veronica Rossi (Under the Never Sky) Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy)

2. What are your favorite genres to write?
Anything Young Adult/ New Adult. Dystopian, angst, family drama, romance.

3. What are your favorite aspects of writing?
I do love dialogue and first chapters. I try to capture the characters personality with the dialogue.

4. What time do you usually do most of your writing?
Between the hours of 10am and 4pm. When my kids are at school.

5. Do you have any writing habits? If so what are they?
I just try not to have too many distractions, like food and drinks or interesting books withing arms reach. It is a pretty strict rule to not read a new book while writing. I’ll lose focus and start to imitate the characters in the book I’m reading.

6. Do you usually type or write your first draft?
Type. I might write a first chapter, or quick lines here and there if I’m away from my computer. But even then, I try to type it into an app on my phone. I love hand writing, I just hate retyping it. I like to keep moving forward. And I can type a lot faster than I write when I’m “In the zone” so to speak.

7. How long does it take you to write a first draft?
This book took a few months, I’d say 3. However another one took up to 6 months.

8. Are you a self publisher? If yes what made you decide to self-publish? If no how was the process of finding a publisher?
I’d heavily considered finding a publisher for this book. But I wanted to learn more about self publishing. The ins and outs, how it works. And before I knew it I had a published book. I also like being able to control how much it cost and other things I’ve noticed authors talking about.

9. What’s your most recent book?
“Perfect Harmony” is the title.

10. On your recent book, what inspired you to write it?
Encouragement from friends and family got me to get serious about writing a book. I have hundreds of ideas in my head. This one came out the easiest. I was surprised when I looked at the words and it said over 20,000 and I still wanted to tell this story.

So, guys check out Shaloa’s new book Perfect Harmony. I just started reading it myself and will be posting a review as soon as I’m done.


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