How to Kill? (Writer’s guide)

Did you ever want to be creative when killing? (Talking about writing, not actually killing.) I made a whole post about shooting someone, but there more than one way to kill. This is important no matter what kind of writing you’re doing. If a character is going to die from anything that’s not natural, then you need to think of different ways of killing your characters.

Let’s start generic.

You can kill a character with a gun. The basic way to kill someone with a gun is a bullet. Usually, you want to go for the head or chest. However, shooting the neck is another excellent way to kill. You’ll break the spine, cut open the trachea and windpipe, and maybe burst open a major artery.

You can also kill with a gun in different manners. If you have a large heavy gun, you can beat your character in the back of the head with it until they die. You can try this with a smaller gun too if you think it will work.

Knives can be used in multiple ways. Stab your characters. Cut and peel off their skin. Do a long and deep cut over one of their arteries. Let them bleed slowly or kill them quickly, they’re your characters, you can decide.

Anything heavy
Bang it against their heads. Crush their bones. Keep in mind, if this is a method of death, make sure it can kill the character. Hitting someone with a book won’t do it, a crowbar, yes.

Make sure your characters have the strength for this one. Depending on what they do. Some methods with hands are choking, never-ending punching, thumb to the throat( aim for arteries), throw head against the ground like a melon, etc…

Melee weapons
I probabaly won’t have to elaborate too much, but swords, battle axes, daggers, archery, throwing knives, flails, spears, clubs, maces, morning stars, whips, etc…

Blow your characters to the sky. They can be terrorist, experimental, government  involved and more. There’re large bombs and small bombs. Decide which will be best for your story.

 This can be an accident, they got caught in a building, or some weirdo decided to eat the character.

 They got eaten. Animals can be vicious. So, if they are in a circumstance with a dangerous animal, why not let the character be eaten? This goes separate from the idea of a cannibal(let’s leave that with fire).

Quick apologies for Sherlock fans. Even though he’s back, the fall will still haunt us. On another note, falling is a common way to die. The character can fall off a building(or hospital), off a cliff, off a bridge, off a plane, off a canyon, off a helicopter, off a tower, and off a lighthouse.

Now a list of a bunch of other ways.
Showerhead falling out and hitting your head, brakes are cut and crash, car accidents in general, slipping on icy sidewalk, poison, stung by a bunch of African bees, hiding peanuts in the character’s food even though they are allergic, throw them in lava, hang on a tree, choke with a telephone wire, drowning, and forced consumption of oil. 

Well, that was all I could think at the moment. If you can think of more ways, add them to the comment area. 🙂

P.S. Again, I’m not a murderer, just a writer. That’s why my search history looks a bit sketchy. 


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