Motivation to Write

You have an idea. You have characters, plot, and practically everything built in you head. Now it’s time to write the next 500 – 100,000 words. Anyone who has written this much knows it’s not something easy to do. This can take several days to months, maybe even years. This can be a bit discouraging and tiring. Something just sitting down to do so can seem like a chore. Passion can become work quickly.

So, how to keep motivated?

  1. Avoid procrastinating. If you have spare time, write. don’t make excuses and do other things.
  2. Give yourself a deadline. Nothing like last minute panic to kick you in gears.
  3. Even if it’s junk, write it. You can fix it later.
  4. Stay away from internet! Research should have been done before or after the first draft. During is just more procrastination. 
  5. Try to write it as fast as possible. 
  6. Create a regular schedule to write and keep it. 

Again like most of my posts, these are just suggestions. Everyone is different about how they do things. These are just tips that helped me with my writing.


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