A/N: I’ve been listening to Welcome to Night Vale recently. So, I was inspired to write something stranger and darker. This is the void and the void is always watching.
The midday sun blackened. A starry night appeared. You checked your watch and see it’s only two in the afternoon. “How is this possible?” you began. You stepped back and realized your standing on nothing. The grass field that rested beneath your feet was gone. Instead, you stood on an endless void. You bent down and felt nothing, leaving you unsure how you’re standing at all. You then felt a cold breath against your neck. You turned quickly to find nothing behind you. However, you could feel eyes bearing down on you. Someone was watching.

Footsteps rang in your ear. Yet, you couldn’t identify where they were coming from. All you know is that they were getting louder and clearer. Your heart galloped in your chest. Instincts told you to run even if you don’t even know what you’re running from. You feet dragged you far from where you were while still leaving you in the same spot. “This is hopeless!” you cried. You fell down to your knees and whimpered.

Then, the footsteps stopped. In front of you was a light. It was the color of fresh blood and sounded like a screaming child. The light began devouring the void, marking everything with that hideous red color. The light soon reached you. The moment you touched, you went blind. Everything became dark and you started to think you were falling.

Finally, your eyes opened. You glared and saw small printed letters. You sat up and the book that was sitting on your face fell to your lap. You glanced around and saw your familiar living room. “I must have fallen asleep,” you said to yourself. Then, your eyes met the mirror. It was blackened, rather than showing off a reflection. You stood up to get a better look. Then, two blood red eyes opened and stared at you. You shrieked in horror and fell back. You ran for your phone to call for help. As you lifted it to your ear, you saw the blackness leaving the mirror and spreading through your home. Footsteps rang in your ear again.

By the time you heard ‘hello’ you were already consumed.


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