Can’t Catch Sunday

“Last night, a woman’s body has been found. Her name was Marisa Albien, she was a biologist at the state’s university. The infamous S was found on her desk. This would be Sunday’s eighth murder this month…”

Seth picked up the remote and switched off the news since no one was watching it. He grabbed his backpack and stuffed it with textbooks.“You’re still going to tutor with him? I thought he creeped you out.” Adam walked into the room. His hair was still a mess from his afternoon nap. He always comes home really late and then complains that he’s tired. It made Seth wish he didn’t have a roommate.

“He does, but I need to get on A on this test,” Seth explained. He walked across the hall to Aaron’s apartment. He never liked Aaron. There was just something with him that made him difficult to be around. The fact he looked like a tall twelve-year-old didn’t help either.

The young man opened the door and allowed Seth to enter. After Seth put all his books down, he realized he had to go to the bathroom. “Hey, I’ll be right back,” Seth said as he stood and walked down the hallway. As he did, he noticed a door was open and a small beam of light came out of the crack.

Curiously, Seth shoved the door open and noticed about five small monitors. Each one seemed to be showing different rooms of an apartment. He assumed it was Aaron’s until he notice the layout was different. This was Seth’s apartment.

In horror, he backed out of the room and ran into the bathroom. His urge to pee was long gone as he turned on his phone and began to call Adam. “Hello.”

“Aaron is a freak. He has cameras in our apartment. The weirdo has been watching us.” Seth’s voice was filled with panic.

“Calm down, I’m going over there.” Then the phone went quiet.

When Seth opened the door, Aaron was standing there. He stared at him with big eyes. “Who were you talking too?” His voice was monotonous.

Then a door slam was heard and Adam came in with a gun in his hands. He pointed it at Aaron and spoke. “Did you really believe you could catch Sunday?”


A/N: Sorry for the late updates. This is a short story I wrote for a Suspense Contest about a year ago. I had a word limit of 500 words, so that’s why it feels so rushed. By Thursday, I should have a break down of the Fantasy Genres. 


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