Difference Between Historical Fiction and Alternative History (Age Range bonus)

In the BISAC there are several types of historical fiction: African American, Christian, Fantasy, Mystery and Detective, Romance(General, Ancient World, Medieval, Regency, Scottish, 20th Century, Victorian, and Viking), and thrillers. However, there is one last one called Alternative History.

Well, let me explain them. Historical fiction means it’s set in the past. That is it. No matter if it’s about religion, dragons, or two runaway love birds; the story is set in another century that took place before our current one.

See a list of Historical Fiction here at Goodreads.

Now, Alternative History is different. Yes, the story also takes place in the past, but it has ground rules. In your story, you must change an important event. So -like it’s name- you’re altering something from history. It’s going to be different from what really happened. Most Alternative History is considered science fiction. However, BISAC has put it by itself.

See a list of Alternative History here at Goodreads.

Since this a short post, I’m also going to leave a small Age Range Chart. 

It becomes an annoying thing when you hear ya and new adult. Keep in mind YA and new adult isn’t a genre, but an age range. This helps you better determine your target audience. (Keep in mind, this is my approximate. Nothing is in stone here.)

Board books |  0-2

Easy books | 3-6

Picture books | 4- 8

Children’s book | 8 – 12

Young Adult | 13 – 18

New Adult | 19 – 30

Adult | 30 +


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