Shooting Someone

Let’s get ready to kill people, fictional people.

Eventually, you will come across a time when you need to murder one of your characters. Of course for over a hundred years, the best way to do that is shooting them. So, I’m going to show you some websites and stuff that helped me when it came to shooting my characters.

First, there’s the gun. Sometimes you want a specific look for the gun or you need to make sure that the gun can do whatever you want it to do.

So I go to the Internet Movie Firearm Database. It shows you all the guns you’ve seen in movies, shows, and video games.

Also, there is this cool infographic I found on Pinterest from

A Bloody Mess

Finally, I share one last link from the Survival Doctor. I like this one because of this small fact: “In most circumstances, you don’t want to remove an implanted bullet. It’s almost impossible to find, and it may actually be corking up a big blood vessel. Thousands of military members live daily with shrapnel in their bodies.” (FTR, This is quoted right from the website.)

Yeah, so these are just some websites that helped me when it came to shooting people. (Again, Fictional People.) There’s plenty more out there and they help make your story more realistic.


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